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CHESS 2016


Captain: Khanya Tokota

Teacher-in-Charge: Ms J. Smith

Competitive Chess and Social Chess are offered at VG to promote strategic thinking, but also to have fun. The Chess Club implements a chess ladder, ranking players from weakest to strongest, with girls playing weekly games to see their improvements. This makes Chess Club interesting, fun and challenging as the member’s battle against each other to be number one.

Rhodes University's Chess Club members are always eager to assist in strengthening the VGHS players' skills, and regularly run workshops to help the chess players learn new skills and techniques.


Captain: Victoria Jackson

Teacher-in-Charge: Ms J. Smith

Wow, this year has been a wild one for the Chess Club and I can hardly believe it's over. Firstly we found ourselves with an eclectic and excited new coach, Ms Smith, whose unwavering dedication and enthusiasm to the sport was greatly appreciated throughout the year. We started the year off with a new batch of eager young minds who were enthusiastic to learn the sport. This year we played two games against Port Alfred, one in term one where the results were 9-1 in Port Alfred’s favour.  However just a few months later,  at our annual derby day in term 3 we won twice, were stalemated twice and lost six.  This is incredible when you consider some of the players had never played chess before. Another chess event of note was the annual Interhouse Chess competition which resulted in Thursford as clear winners.  I strongly feel that within a few years VG will have the best chess team it has ever seen. Thank you to all who participated this year and spend many hours learning and honing their newfound skills.



VG vs Port Alfred High School



VG vs Port Alfred High School


Intense concentration






Practicing Chess notation



Playing against the clock










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