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If you would like any more information about Victoria Girls' High School, please feel free to contact us.


Telephone:  (046) 636-1550

Fax:             (046) 636-1620

E-mail:           office@vghs.co.za


Here are photos of the VGHS administrative staff so that you can put a face to the voice or e-mail:







     Ms Ruchaan Fourie (Secretary)









   Ms Tammy O'Brien

   (Personal Assistant to Principal )












       Ms Petro Werth

       (Financial Manager)









    Ms Rochelle Strauss  

    (Financial Assistant)










      Ms Lois Marechal 

      (Hostel Administrator)







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Victoria Girls' High School Online: Established, January 2004, Last Updated: February 2018
Mail P.O. Box 601, Beaufort Street, Grahamstown, 6140, SOUTH AFRICA • Phone (046) 636-1550 • Fax (046) 636-1620
Email (office@vghs.co.za) with any questions/comments about VGHS's website.