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We remain keen to make the parents' page one of our most visited pages on this site.  If any parents have suggestions as to how we might use this page more effectively, please do not hesitate to contact us at office@vghs.co.za.


If you would like to stay connected to what is happening at VG, please e-mail the VG Head of Publicity and Marketing, Ms Czeredrecki-Schmidt, to be placed on our What's Up? mailing list.  In addition you can join the D6 Communicator group for Victoria Girls' High School for daily updates of what is happening.


You can also apply to join the Facebook group VG Connections for regular updates and photos.






We cannot stress enough how important it is for the school to be able to contact parents in case of an emergency, or just as part of the partnership between the school and parents.  Please make sure that all your most recent details are available at the school.






If you are interested in applying to attend VGHS in 2019, forms can be obtained from the office (R50 administration fee – refundable) or they can be downloaded via our Applications page at the beginning of March.






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