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Last year we were given copies of photos taken prior to 1980 (as far as we can gather) of the current VGHS buildings, when they were still occupied by by Graeme College.


The boys' school obviously had a massive focus on sports, so the buildings are often in the background.


Thanks to Mr Neil Smuts, who gave us copies of the photos.  Enjoy!


Collecting Coke and a doughnut outside EB



VG buildings from Huntley Street



Rugby vs Selborne



Looking onto what is now the Hall and AV Room



Looking onto what is now the Hall and AV Room



Looking onto the buildings from the field



The quad is now the M.G. Richardson Hall




Looking acroos the quad onto Lower & Upper Middle



Drop goal!



Looking onto the Templeton Gym



VG/Graeme College from the touchline










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