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We have five hostels currently run with the help of VG hostel staff and Rhodes University students. The five hostels are as follows:



Eleanor Brown House



Mrs Mitchell                                  Ms January


The junior hostel that is home to Grade 8 to Grade 10 is the perfect place to mould young minds and a great start for someone who is new to town and hoping to find new friends.  This house is a working environment and the notion that education is important but fun is never forgotten, with the help of supporting staff and great people who make this house something special.  The Superintendent of Hostels, Mrs Mitchell, heads up all the hostels and works from EB, while Ms January is the the EB matron.



The entrance to Eleanor Brown House



Lunch time at E.B.



Beaufort House




The senior hostel which houses Grade 11 and 12s is the perfect place for mature, dedicated young people.  With the help of the kind and hard working staff this hostel has become a place of more than learning; but has been to many girls a place to mature and grow.  Mrs Dampies and Mrs Michaels are the matrons in charge of this large hostel.



Beaufort House entrance



Mather Pike


This is one of the smaller hostels currently hosting twelve girls and three staff members.  The home away from home idea is made possible by the smaller house and the few residents making this an enjoyable experience for all.  The hostel mother for Mather Pike is Ms Mitchley.


One of the cubes in MP



Matherpike Entrance



Renfrew House


This is another smaller house that reinforces the idea of a homely hostel. The house is run with the help of three staff members and around 22 house mates. This house has a relaxed vibe and the close relationship of the girls creates lasting friendships.  Renfrew House is the sole English hostel among the five and girls are expected to speak English at all times.  The hostel mother for 2015 is Ms Woudstra.



Denise long house


This small hostel creates a homely environment in which girls can focus on their academics and where they learn to be responsible and to behave maturely.  The hostel currently hosts twelve girls and three staff members.  The hostel parents are Ms Siyephe.










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