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If Old Girls would like let the broader VG community know what is happening in their lives or would like to suggest how we could best use this portion of the website, please do not hesitate to send in your suggestions.





1942   Wendy McCleland:  I am a very old girl. My maiden name was Sieverdink . I have four daughters - one living in America, one in New Zealand and two in Cape Town. Only four grandchildren and as yet, no great grandchildren. I am still able to get out and about - I play Bowls and also enjoy my games of Bridge. Although my proper name is Gwendoline, I have been called Wendy all my life!


2002   Unathi Mzileni:  I’m still proud of being grounded at VG, I will always have VG in my heart as I still regard it as one of the best schools in SA. I must say I learnt a lot from my high school and I will always treasure it and most of all I thank God for an opportunity of being a VG girl groomed and moulded so that one day I can make a mark somewhere out there. Thanks to all my old teachers you guys are still the best and may God richly bless you.


1970   Chris van Rensburg: I had the pleasure, and it really was a pleasure, to be a very young pupil at VG from sub A to Std 1 before moving to Graeme College and then England in what turned out to be a school career spanning 6 schools, many countries and provinces.

While at VG from 1970/1 to 1973, I had a very special friend who has never left my mind these past 40 years, and I'd like to find out whatever happened to her. Her name was Anthea Coots, and that’s really all I recall in terms of details, other than holding hands during many break times, but I'm sure that doesn't help you. She many have had an older sister at the school at the time, something vaguely remembered.

I'm aware of the sensitivities regarding information disclosure, yet if at all any assistance is possible, I would be forever in your debt. I am already in VG's debt, for many reasons going back all these years.


1970   Veronica A. Dawber: I work in Seattle, which is the Pacific Northwest of United States, however, live on Vashon Island, which is a ferry ride away from the city.  I hope to rekindle connections with some of my classmates.


1980   Teraise (Gourley)Friends: Would love to be in touch with anyone from my year.  I live in London.  

Does anyone have the "ancient" matric photos for 1961 and 1962?

I am looking for a couple of old friends.


1956   Jenne P. James 

I attended V.G from 1956 - 1965 and would love to hear news of V.G.


1982   Pat Fourie (Pollock): Hi, I am Heather Annis, known as Heather Wiseman when I attended in 1978 and 79 (class of '82) I live in the US. After spending more than 20 years training racehorses, and four as a behaviour modification specialist in a maximum security prison for men, I decided to return to university and will be attending medical school next year. I have one grown son in the navy. I would love to hear from some of my classmates. I have wanted to be a physician since I was 12 so this is a dream come true for me.


1969   Susan Marian Oosthuizen Married Name: Tacq (but I use my maiden name professionally)


1981   Miralese( nee Botha) married Wiegman:  teaches in Hermanus has two children Adrian and Nita

1981   Gill (Danckwerts) Whittaker:  lives in East London own accounting business daughter at Rhodes and son in matric


1981   Ulrike (nee Starke) De Wet: 2 daughters lives in PE


1981   Lauren (Hart ) Jessup: 3 sons lives in Kini Bay in PE


1981   Colleen (Fowlds) Marias:  lives in PE 1 daughter Denielle


1981   Jenny (Wilmot) Le Vatte:  3 children lives in PE


2008   Heide Khuhlane:  Recently engaged and studying at Rhodes towards a Bcom degree.


1999   Lee-Anne (Sawyer) Repinz :  I live in Grahamstown, married with three kids. Courtney 7, Zoe 4 and baby Chase.


1994   Pippa (Windsor) Readhead : Still in Cape Town, Matthew has just turned 6 and Emily is 3.I am doing volunteer work at the Children’s Red Cross Hospital for the trauma unit.


1997   Stephanie Beth Wilson:  Since matriculating have travelled between USA and SA, lived in Massachusetts for six years. Have now settled in Johannesburg and am working for an events company.


1999   Kirsty Angela (Wilson) Ashley:  Immigrated to USA a month after finishing matric at VG in 1999, studied Geology Sciences at Framingham College. Married Bryan Ashley and now have a 2 year old little boy, Brandon and a baby girl,Clara who was born on August 23rd 2010.

Manager of a renowned restaurant in Massachusetts, The Old Mill.


1970   Dorothy Daws:  Secretary to a heart surgeon who is head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Groote Schuur.


1998   Miranda Armstrong:  I have been working at the University of Oxford as a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the Cancer Epidemiology Unit since 2008.

1985   Cheryl (Baker) Murray:  I have been living on the Gold Coast of Australia for just over 6yrs now. I am married to Brett and we have 2 daughters Nicola 11yrs and Jenna 8yrs. I am a registered nurse and work at a private hospital in the Intensive Care Unit.


1995   Noxolo Mokoena (Glenda Mapara):  Living and working in Pretoria at the CSIR as a PA to unit Director. Married to Cleopas Mokoena and we have two kids (girls), Mahlatse 6yrs and Avuyile 9months.


My name at VG was Tubby Thomas. left VG in 1968....would love to hear news of old girls in my area....I am now living and working on the wild coast in the Morgan Bay hotel..


2002   Vanessa Berger: Now working as a graphic designer at Getaway Magazine and living in Cape Town.


1978   Ann Okkenburg (Robertson): Just spent two years in Bahrain, wonderful experience, but happy to be back in beautiful Cape Town


2002   Lindsay Steyn (Wilmot): Coordinator and teacher for grade 1 students at Emirates National School in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Been travelling over my breaks this year: Turkey, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Looking forward to hearing where and what everyone has been up to.


2001   Tessa Johnstone: I saw that in one of the issues (I think Feb or march) you guys put in my son that was born at 27 weeks  – don’t know if you want to put in an update that he is now a very big and happy 8 month old!  


1990   Bridget van Dongen (still the same name):Been living in Antigua in the West Indies for 12 years, but am now moving to Trinidad at the end of October. I work in magazine publishing as a graphic designer/editor. I have a gorgeous 6 year old daughter.


2004   Simone Cridland:  I am in Ireland. Working in Sales and Marketing. Am just in the process of launching a new company, which should be live by the end of the year...  Marketing madness .ie. It is an on stop shop for all your marketing, advertising and PR Needs. We do design work, Product launches websites, etc. Looking forward to hearing all the news from everyone!


1997   Chantal Louw:  Back in the United Arab Emirates after 2 years in SA. Teaching Emirate Kindergarteners. Very challenging!


1980   Sally Churchyard (Packer): Nothing exciting except having a wonderful get together with some of the girls and Mr & Mrs Long in May this year that was very special.


1978   Cathy Ash (nee Fleischer):  would love to be part of the mailing list. Qualified as registered nurse in 1981, Midwife 1983, Married 1987 Philip Ash and emigrated to Australia. Still working part time as a theatre Nurse, have 3 children, Sarah (2nd Occupational therapy) Tim (1st year engineering) and Martin (Yr 9).


1981   Anne Morgan (MacLean): I live in Centurion with my husband Trevor and twin sons who are 16


1986   Claire Wright (Meyer): Been living in Cape Town for almost 14 years now. After 7 years with Meridian Wine Merchants where I managed the Western Cape Sales Team and worked closely with 28 wine estates, I moved on and joined Du Toitskloof Wines as National Sales and Marketing Manager on the 1st of this month. My husband’s name is Craig, our daughter Morgan is 9 years old and our son, Donovan, 8.  Looking forward to our 25th reunion next year.


1989   Jackie de Klerk (Louwrens): Married and daughter Jaime is in Grade 2 @ Victoria Primary.


1989   Jacqui Haddock (Owen): Living in Temple, TX, USA. Working at Baylor University in Waco TX (Athletic Department)Married with 3 Kids (twins that are 12 and 10 year old - all girls)


1991   Lynne Slabbert is engaged!  Congratulations Lynne!


1991   Melissa Lomax Jordan: The stunning Melissa Lomax Jordan is well and living in East London with her Graemian husband, Meredith and two children, Cameron and Sam. She has a photo studio at home which feeds her holiday budget and enjoys her other two part time jobs! She eventually went on diet and decided to get fit.


1991   Claire (Howarth) Inglis: Living in Johannesburg, have 2 children a boy, Timothy and a girl, Grace.


1992   Candice Hendel:  Have lived in UK for the last 12 years, done lots of travelling around Western Europe, Toronto, Scotland, Ireland, Las Vegas and hiked parts of the Grand Canyon for charity. Studied beauty therapy, then went on to qualify as Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer. Am very interested in getting involved with sports injuries and rehabilitation once I have returned to South Africa in Jan 2011. I am participating in the 18km Surfers Marathon in East London in Feb 2011 for an animal charity and maybe some voluntary work too. Still single, no children and enjoying life each day.


2008   Lungile Dunywa: Lulu is studying Occupational Therapy at UCT.



We frequently receive letters from tertiary institutions commending our girls on their standards.  The most recent letter was from Prof Walters at Rhodes University who had this to say of Genevieve Jacot-Guillarmod (matric 2007):  ‘you would be pleased to know that the above student, formerly a pupil at your school, has achieved excellent results in our English 1 examinations. This success reflects very favourably on the quality of training an preparation offered by the English Department at your school’.











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