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Subjects will be making much more use of the website and internet for extension work in 2018.  We hope to expand our enrichment programme significantly and showcase what is happening in VG's classrooms over the course of the year.


Below are a couple of topics covered and extension work available in English and History at VG.





This is a Grade 9 English link for background information to World War I (to contextualise much of the war poetry covered in Term 1).  Currently we have photos from World War I and will provide links to websites in due course.


Below are some photos of the Great War.























This is a Grade 10 History link for a slavery assignment and to websites that give further information on this fascinating and heartbreaking topic.


The result of repeated whipping

A general overview of the topic with numerous links to slavery specific websites.

An excellent website with a large number of first hand accounts of slavery (primary sources) from slaves and abolitionists

Experience the life of Olaudah Equiano through his own words.  Also witness a slave auction and consider how you might have reacted.



A slave auction

An excellent website that tracks the course of slavery, considering the economic, religious, cultural and political reasons behind the Atlantic Slave Trade.

This site explores the role of slavery in the development of the USA.  It has a poignant section on memories of being a slave.

This is a webquest designed for learners in grade 8-10.  We will look at creating something similar for our girls over the course of the third term, or look to have them create their own webquest on third term topics (South African History to 1800 and the Industrial Revolution).  The Grade 10 History class is urged to look through this particular quest.










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